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medworx is a company which provides a wide range of direct medical care and Insured Healthcare Services for a broad range of groups within South Africa and Africa.

medworx core competencies include:

•    End to end – from entry to exit – Employee Healthcare, both insured and uninsured.
•    An investment by the employer in the health of employees with a positive return on investment.
•    Life Insurance Medical Underwriting and Disability Assessment at International level across Africa.
•    Management and monitoring of Medical Emergency Evacuees from Africa to South Africa.
•    Health and Life Insurance product design, innovation and overall management.
•    Employee assistance and Wellness Programmes, including health education and maintenance of health within the work place.
•    Regulatory Occupational Health requirements for the small, medium and micro employer.


medworx provides all services through 3500 medworx-trained medical Providers.
All medworx Professional Provider  Network members provide professional services on a non-contractual basis with no perverse incentives.
All medworx Professional Providers are independent and have been providing services to medworx since 1992.

medworx provides international-standard pro-active healthcare solutions to employees & other groups who are unable to afford conventional medical aid benefits.


medworx was born of a unique medical management model with an eight year record of proven clinical success across a wide spectrum of Southern Africa’s population.


medworx clinical scientists have created world-class, sustainable healthcare products since 1998. The management methodology is based on a robust platform that combines insurance and occupational healthcare models. These include a range of health-related benefits, absenteeism, presenteeism and disease-risk profiling.


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