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Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)

(Post Exposure Prophylaxis

A unique service that provides for the rapid treatment of HIV exposure

Any accidental exposure to HIV as a result of blood and/or body-fluid spills is a medical emergency requiring treatment as soon as possible after exposure if HIV infection is to be prevented. Our 24/7 emergency call centre will manage the event on the member making contact.

  • Blood and/or body-fluid spills –  injury, workplace accidents, first-aid assistance, etc.;
  • Rape or inadvertent socio-sexual indiscretion;
  • Condom failure (burst condom);
  • Blood transfusion (especially outside South Africa)

medworx’ 24/7 emergency Call Centre will manage the event immediately on contact by the member/employee.

The Independent medworx Medical Advise Call Centre  is available for unlimited telephonic counselling for members/employees and dependents for any medical or HIV-related queries.

Additional Benefits offered:

  • Emergency Post-exposure and follow-up Medical Consultations
  • Follow-up medical consultations
  • Counselling –  medical, psychological and family
  • Emergency PEP Starter Pack


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