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med+Exec Health Programme

Emergency Intelligent Panic

24/7/365 emergency medical information & emergency assistance call centre staffed by fully qualified personnel: paramedicals, nurses and doctors. Medical support is underpinned by clinical as well as a medical health advisory call-centre services accessible to all members and dependants.
A single call to the same number will trigger the medical operators who will guide the member through a medical crisis, provide emergency advice, and organise the required end-to-end individualised & confidential support, fully backed by medworx’ in-house doctors on standby.
Note: This is an advisory service: A telephonic conversation does not permit an accurate diagnosis nor the prescription of medicines, unless the caller is registered as a fund member under management by medworx

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medworx Emergency Assist & Intelligent Panic Life-saving Services

The user simply presses a nominated panic number (saved on the personal cellphone)

Qualified medworx professional emergency management 24/7

  • HIV exposure and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis
  • HIV & AIDS Counselling
  • Suicide Counselling
  • Rape, assault and trauma counselling
  • Roadside Assistance either in the event of a breakdown or an accident
  • Hijacking
  • Motor vehicle accident & theft
  • Air ambulance evacuation (on authorization by medical aid CASAVAC provider)
  • Doctor, Clinic and Hospital referrals
  • Fire & Drowning
  • Beach & Surf: shark-bite, jellyfish stings, sea urchins (Echinoidea), venomous bites – sea snake (P. platura), stingrays, rockfish (Scorpaenidae) stonefish, devil firefish (Pterois volitans), rabbitfish (Siganidae) eel bites, etc.
  • Personal protection: suspicious character, lurking, following or other threat
  • Direction guidance if lost on foot or in a vehicle
  • Legal: emergency telephonic legal advice


Real-time End-to-End Crisis Manager Connectivity & Support

Connectivity & Support maintained until the event is resolved – NOT a conveyor-belt handover process
Remote Evacuation e.g. air evacuation: Emergency Service benefits not included may incur additional costs. Optional Rapid Pre-authorization Access can be negotiated, fully integrated and embedded within the medworx Emergency Assist & Intelligent Panic Life-saving Service
Company Health Occupation & other Company Healthcare protocols: Fully integrated and embedded within the medworx Emergency Assist & Intelligent Panic Life-saving Service

medworx Employee Location Tracker: Real-time 24/7 employee location tracking


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