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Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (HIV Prevention)

Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (HIV Prevention)

“A unique service that provides for the rapid treatment of HIV exposure”

Medical Emergencies Covered & How to Access the Programme

Any accidental exposure to HIV is a medical emergency requiring treatment as soon as possible after potential exposure to Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) if HIV infection and subsequent AIDS is to be prevented.

  • blood and/or body-fluid spills – injury, workplace accident, first-aid assistance, etc.;
  • rape or inadvertent socio-sexual indiscretion;
  • condom failure (burst condom);
  • blood transfusion (especially outside South Africa).

medworx’ 24/7 Emergency Call Centre will manage the event immediately on contact by the member/employee.

Independent medworx Medical Advice Call Centre

The medworx Medical Advice Call Centre is available for unlimited telephonic counselling for members/employees and dependents for any medical or HIV-related queries.

Emergency Post-exposure & Follow-up Medical Consultations

An initial emergency medical consultation and two follow-up medical consultations are provided by a medworx Professional Network Provider:

  • advice on treatment and clinical follow-up as well as on further laboratory testing required;
  • psychological support by the medworx doctor;
  • advice to the family regarding the condition that required emergency treatment;
  • HIV test to determine current HIV status;
  • ARV’s: Internationals-standard triple combination ARV regime will be provided for a full month – international-standard WHO & SA HIV Clin Soc Guidelines;
  • Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) prevention: where appropriate treatment for STI’s as well as various parasitic, bacterial and fungal infections ;
  • antibiotics: Standard protocol consequent on open-wound/injury exposure;
  • tranquilisers: for anxiolytic purposes, if appropriate;
  • pregnancy: morning-after (emergency contraceptive) pill for termination of potential pregnancy.

Follow-up Medical Consultations

  • Standard follow-up consultation by medworx Professional Network Provider;
  • Advice on treatment side-effects and any adjustments necessary to the ARV medication;
  • Continued advice on further laboratory testing if required (Hepatitis B, etc.);
  • Advice to the family regarding the treatment, emotional/psychological support and further treatment requirements;
  • 12-16 week HIV Seroconversion (“Window Period”) test to determine HIV status following PEP.

Counselling – medical, psychological & family

Unlimited telephonic counselling is provided during the course of the treatment period as well as up to 12 months after the exposure event with two face-to-face counselling sessions included.

Emergency PEP Starter Pack

Emergency PEP 3-day Starter Packs are provided at key sites for accelerated treatment response time: within 5 to 12 hours wherever possible.


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